This House Head speaks to all the women who love and embraces House music.  There have been situations where women felt they do not have a voice in the House Community.  Ladies, I will let you on a little secret.  You are as important as any male House Head.  Gents! Pay attention!  We need our female House Heads like the air we breathe.  One woman says it best.  “The women are not taken seriously in the industry! We have to spend so much time proving that we belong in the ranks of this male dominated industry in order to get a chance”.  Do all our women feel that way? What are we doing about it?

The women of House are not your average groupies anymore.  They are actually making their mark in the world of House.  Since I have started H2S, I have already met women who own magazines, record labels, producers, DJs, run a management company, own talent agencies and the list goes on and on.  They are not sitting on the sideline becoming cheerleaders.  They are creating and making sure their voice in the House Community is heard.  We as men of this genre need to hear, listen, support, and encourage them to drive on and reach to the top.  Do not get me wrong; there are some men who are there for their women.  In fact a few of the women DJs were taught or improve their craft by their male partners.  That is real love!

Everyone have their reason why they love women of House.  My reason is because you sense an inner glow you will not find in any other woman.  When I attend a House party and see a woman dance, it is like poetry.  The way she move, smile and let go without a care in the world.  There is a positive feeling when you approach a woman of House.  She is thrill to meet you and talk about House music.  She carries herself a certain way.  She displays class and sophistication.  She has her own style and her loyalty towards House never waiver.  Men let us not take our women for granted.  It would be a mistake on our part.  Remember we are all in this together.  We must keep our woman abreast with everything House.  It is important to the community.

House Head will do its part to make certain every woman who loves House music will have their say.  We will support and encourage everything young, up and coming female to use our forum as the basis of getting their mix or track into the masses.  We will do whatever it takes so that no female House Head lose their voice in the community.  We speak 4 House Heads worldwide male and female.  This House Head Has Spoken!!