This House Head speaks about support.  We must support those who spend time, money and effort in order to bring us the music we love so dearly.  The message of House comes in many forms.

DJs deliver the message by playing the music and keep us dancing.

Magazine editors inform us on the latest in House music.  They let us know on today’s events in the House community.

Bloggers allow us to think and feel about the people and places in the House community.

Venues provide a meeting place for us to gather, socialize and dance to our music.

Record labels distribute the music for our enjoyment.

These are the people who are responsible for bringing the House Music Culture to you.  What is your excuse of not giving your support?  The people who I mentioned above put their blood, sweat and tears in order for us to have a great community like ours.  The least you can do is show your love and give your support. If a DJ or promoter requests a cover charge, you should pay it.  If a magazine editor asks you to subscribe, you should subscribe.  If website or blogger is selling t-shirts or other merchandise, you should want to buy it.  If a new venue is starting a House event, attend it. If a new CD or EP is release, it should already be on your desktop, laptop, Smartphone or tablet.

You keep forgetting we are the ones who deliver this message.  It is not an easy task.  It can be tiresome and very expensive.  We would not have it any other way.  We enjoy bringing House to your lives.  It just we feel you do not understand the sacrifice. The message is not free.  We work hard the keep you inform, up to date and dancing all night long.  Trust me; I am aware at times you just do not have it to give.  It kills me when you ask for support but not give it in return.  Support is give and take.  It is not take and take.  We must stop being selfish and treat House as a part time job.  If you feel this way, you are missing the point.  For some of us, this is our life.  We eat, sleep, and breathe House. It is the reason we are alive.

In closing, I would like to say thank you for those who supports House.   Keep it up.  It is the only way we can be strong.  Please continue your support.  We appreciated it.  If you have not given your support, what are you waiting for?  We are not going to beg for it.  It sounds that you are just another taker who feels the House Community owes you! Dream on my friend!  Do not worry about it.    We will survive without you.  This House Head Has Spoken!!