disco-ballThis House speaks his mind about One Love, One House!  It may be true for some but if you don’t follow the crowd, if you go against the grain, and choose a different path, there is no love. I learned first-hand how one-sided the Chicago House scene really is. It should be for everyone but it is not.  It is a HOUSE divided. When this post gets out, I expect a backlash from all sides. Let us not kid ourselves House peeps. The Chicago House scene is not what it use to be.  We were once the city who built House Music.  We allow jealousy, infighting, greed, and selfishness to ruin everything our pioneers created.  We lost touch with our fellow House Heads.  We stab each other in the back for pennies while EDM and Hip Hop make millions.  We lost our way! You organize an event, hire great DJs/Producers, choose an exciting venue, promote the hell out of the party and no one shows up.  These are the same people who scream “One Love, One House!” Such bull shit!!  You only attend events if it benefits you!   You rather hit the same tire ass venues hear the same boring DJ/Producer. It is no wonder the rest of the world has left us behind.  The scene in this city is lazy, cutthroat, with no creativity, full of YES Men that don’t support newcomers and established artists!   The city of Chicago does not support or respect the House Music genre. The stunt they tried to pull by saying DJs are not artists so they can hit venues up for back taxes were the biggest form of crap I ever experienced.  The worse part was they went after venues that play House Music (ex: Smartbar, Primary, and Evil Olive). Are you kidding me?  While other cities use media outlets to promote House, Chicago is too fucking cheap to support House!  Really?? Unless you are part of the PECKING Order or the KISS ASS CLUB, you have no place in the Chicago House scene. This statement has been proven time and time again.  You can love House without supporting Chicago House. Chicago House has lost its crown!  Deal with it!!  This House Head Has Spoken!!