This House Head Speaks about Latin House Music.  When I was growing up in the House genre, I knew I had a favorite House sound.  Most people in the House Community have a particular form of House that makes them run to the dance floor and lose it.  Inside House there are a great number of subgenres. As a true House Head, you should embrace them all.  You also are allowed to have a favorite.  My favorite House genre is Latin House.  What is Latin House?  This is what said about Latin House:

Latin House is an House Music subgenre that mixes together house and Latin American music, such as that of Brazilian, Puerto Rican, Mexican, CubanDominican and Colombian origin. During (1991 -1992), Chicago native Pizarro produced “The Five Tones”, “New Perspective EP”, “Plastica”, “Caliente” and “Perdoname”. Other producers like Ralphi Rosario and Masters at Work created Latin house classics, for instance Ralphie’s production “Da-Me-Lo” and his remix of Albita’s “No se parece a nada” as well as “Sul Chu Cha” by Rosabel, while Louie Vega and Kenny Gonzales remix “Sume Sigh Say” by House of Gypsies (Todd Terry), and a remarkable Latin house hit “Robi Rob’s Boriqua Anthem” by C&C Music Factory.

Latin House is nothing more taking the best of House Music and Latin Music allow them to date each.  They marry and have a child. Her name is Latin House. Think about it.  Latin music itself is rhythmic.  You hear the drums, the horns and when the vocals sing the words in Spanish its poetry in motion.  Once you add a House beat to it, the rhythm jacks up 100 times.

There are so many DJs that play Latin House, you cannot say who created the genre or started the movement.  What I can tell you, I first hear Latin House from Raphie “The Razz” Rosario and the late Jessie Velez.  It was love at first sight for me.  Remember, I came from the Jenal’s era.  Latin House was played on a regular basis.  Today, Latin House is as strong as it was back in the day.  DJs like FLX, Jesse de la Pena and Bear Who rock the club with their brand of Latin House.