smarbar-photoThis House Head speaks about one of Chicago’s most famous venue lost touch with the House community.  I have a question for Smartbar.  Why have you distant yourself from the genre that put your nightclub on the map for so many years?  Today, Smartbar reputation as the premier spot for House Music fell by the way side.  How did it get to this point?  House Head Speaks will point out theories on why Smartbar prefer not to support House Music at their venue.

  1. No Local DJs/Producers are allowed to play at Smartbar.
  2. Talent manager too busy catering towards a certain DJ at Smartbar.
  3. Lack of Major House Music Headliners plays at Smartbar.

No Local DJs:  Wow!  Really??  You decided not to hire any local House DJs to spin at your club.  That’s a shame but it gets worse!  You no longer feature any local residencies with the exception of Queen and Hugo Ball.  You got rid of Spork and Strictly 90’s. Both were successful House related residencies.  In spite of your opinion, Chicago has great talented DJs/Producers.  They are well respected in cities worldwide.  Your claim to be a premiere nightclub but you don’t support local talent.  You choose favoritism over good business sense.  The House genre made you and now you are dissing us!  You have some explaining to do Smartbar!!

Talent Manager along with resident DJ making deals using Smartbar:  This is by far the most disgusting and disrespectful thing I ever heard.  Talk about favoritism!!  Trust me House Heads this is not a joke.  When this DJ was the talent Manager, she uses Smartbar name as a stepping stone.  She made deals with other venues and promoters to hire her to play at gigs as an exchange to book them to play at Smartbar. She gave a rat’s ass if these DJ/Producers play House of not. We didn’t know them, didn’t play our style of music and the crowd was not feeling them.  They SUCK!!  The current Talent Manager follows the same method.  He’s just a YES MAN!!  You should be ashamed for taking advantage of the Smartbar owner with health issues. This act cost Smartbar money and reputation.  Primary, Evil Olive Skybar and the Mid are the venues that feature House Music. Damn You Smartbar!! 

No Major Headliners:  This hurts the most.  The difference between last year and this year is like night and day.  Last year, Smartbar featured some great House events such as Daphne, Heroes of House and of course SuperJane.  This year, a small number of major headliners played at Smartbar.  There have been events over the summer that Smartbar failed to promote.  That’s BULL SHIT!!! The same thing occurs when other House Music headliners played at Smartbar.   Ask me this question? When was the last time a major House headline played at Smartbar regularly?  I mean cats like Masters at Work, Sonny Fedora, Dennis Ferrer, Todd Terry and others.  Years ago these major players were there on a monthly basis. Today, not so much.  Dennis Ferrer was at Skybar in the month of September.  Are you kidding me Smartbar??

Smartbar was my favorite spot for House Music. Lately, they haven’t provided a consistent House Music event.  It pains me to see this great venue crumble before my eyes.  The sad part is no one seems to care.  Why should I care?  Smartbar need to get their shit together and fast!  The one thing must happen is the firing of both the Talent Manager and Black Madonna.  They have no knowledge about Chicago or House Music.  They are not from here.  Their selection of non-talent DJs and favoritism is dragging Smartbar to the ground!  Without House Music, this venue will not survive for very long.  Do the right thing Smartbar!  This House Head Has Spoken!!