House Head Speaks presents Elements of House with Antoine as Househeadspeakz. The show brings House Music Culture from Chicago to the World. Our viewers will look, listen and learn why House is the purest form of music. Since the 1980’s Chicago has been the city known for its House Music. From historic venue like “Warehouse” and Power Plant  to staples like Smartbar and Primary, Chicago has influence many DJs, Producers, Promoters and fellow House Heads throughout the world.

Elements of House promises to educate, inform and bring awareness to our culture. The viewers will know the DJs, promoters, producers, remixers and record label owners.  Your Host and DJ, Antoine as Househeadspeakz have been promoting, writing and embracing the House music scene by several years. Now it is time to express my love through the mix. Our guests are the who’s who of the House Music sound.

The show airs every 3rd Saturday at 2pm cst to 4pm cst.  Please tune in and join in the fun!  This House Head Has Spoken!!