This House Head speaks the truth.  If you are a DJ trying to make a name for yourself, I advise you to read this blog.  It will save you a lot of trouble and a great deal of pain.  You must know there are a collective amout of  DJs who want to see you fail. Do you hear me?  They are out to sabotage your chance to shine.  My sources confirm there are a “House Committee” who sole purpose is to prevent any new House DJs their opportunity.  Let me make one thing clear.  This is not the will of every  House legend.  There are those who are willing to give newcomers a leg up. There are some who believe you haven’t paid your dues. Why you deserve a shot.  That is the key word.  Deserve.  Do not allow anyone to give you anything.  If you want it, you better take it. This happen here in Chicago for the most part.  The reasons are they are afraid.   They are afraid of a little competition. They are afraid of losing their place among the House Heads. They are afraid of being upstage by you the New Breed of House Music.  They are afraid of the future!  Be Afraid!  Be Very Afraid!!

Now you know the threat, what are going to do about it?  You can do nothing or you can fight! By fighting I mean let them know you are here and you can not be move.  As a writer and blogger, it is my job to conduct research on the new fresh face of House Music.  Some of you have a lot of potential while other need a great deal of work.  When you have over 3 decades of House Music under your belt, you know what mix, tracks or sets are banging and which ones are heading for the trash.  You know which DJ are mastering their craft and which one thinks they know it all. If what I am speaking sounds harsh, get over it. This is no time for kid gloves.  Remember these “House Cats” want you out of the way.

20160728_174855What I suggest is be more professional when you are pursuiting a residency or a gig.  You must have business cards, CDs of your mixes and an updated bio(Press kit works best).  This is important to make that first impression.

Market yourself at all times.  When you are at a club listen to the DJ.  If they are House legends, you better pay attention.  Speak with promoters, managers or owners of the venue.  Find out if they are seeking new blood at their events or parties.  You never know unless you ask.

Use Social Media to get the word out.  Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are your friends.  Use them wisely.  Sign on to Sound Cloud, Mix Cloud and Hear  These are a DJ’s best source of storing tracks and sharing with your fans and followers.

Become your own promoter.  Conduct your own House event; create t-shirts with your logo; start a online radio show; support your fellow DJs and Producers.  This will build your fan base and have other promoters contacting you.

You must stand and fight for your place in House Music. No one is going to hand you anything. If you are as good as you claim, prove it.  Go out there and give it everything you got!  This House Head Has Spoken!!