Milty Evans, a veteran of the Chicago dance scene began his journey at an early age. The art of DJing and worked the decks became second nature to Milty. He worked his way up in the local scenes with DJs like Derrick Carter, DJ Sneak, and Mark Farina.  Milty’s long list of residencies & guest spots in Chicago includes Smart bar, V-live to Crobar, Crescendo, & Spy bar. His seven-year resident was at the famed Boom Boom Room Mondays at Green Dolphin.


After years of earning notoriety as a DJ,  Milty threw his name into the production hat and WHITEBEARD RECORDS was born. WhiteBeard is a Disco House style label that allows Milty to create his Funky House sound. It’s also a platform that welcomes the best-hidden talents worldwide.  Currently, Whitebeard Artist includes Paul Johnson, Angelo Ferreri, Demuir, J Paul Getto, Gramophonedzie, Ghettoblaster, Dajae & Johnny Fiasco.  He created remixes for labels like King Street (NY), Guesthouse (DJ MES), Fogbank (J Paul Getto), Moody House (Iban Montoro & Jazzman Wax) & Gene Farris’s FARRIS WHEEL to name a few. Milty is constantly releasing quality music that people can respond to.  Milty Evans currently own Multiple No.1 & Top 5 singles on Jackin Top 100.

 Milty collaborated with 1200 Warriors on an Amy Winehouse rework supported by Gramaphonedzie & Derrick Carter.  Milty followed up with more remix projects for Bryan Jones (Golf Clap), Terry Hunter (T’s Box records) Kid Enigma, Bear Who, J Paul Getto &  Legendary Bad Boy Bill himself.

Milty Evans work has the world on notice. Chicago style Disco and Funky House are alive and well.   Milty Evans brings the true art of a DJ and Producer one successful track at a time.




Whitebeard Records:


House Head Speaks: I own tracks from Uncle Milty and want I enjoy his combination of Funky and Jazzy beats.  He knows how to produce tracks that will keep the crowd jumping on the dancefloor.  Please tune in to Elements of House March 17th at  Showtime starts at 2 pm CST.  Milty Evans will be its feature guest DJ.  This House Head Has Spoken!!