This House Head speaks about a departure that impact Chicago House music.  Rick Martinez aka Rick Allay Soul retires as promoter of Evil Olive and Crocodile.  This was a quote from his Facebook page:

” Hello, after 4 years of an incredibly successful residency I am resigning from my positions at Evil Olive and Crocodile. I would like to start off with thanking all the DJs that have graced us with such beautiful House Music.  Thank everyone I worked with. The beauty of these House Music Nights is that they run so smoothly, the simplicity of the music and you, the dancers. A bigger thanks to those that contributed to countless smiles on my end of seeing you release relentlessly on the dancefloor. Its why I do what I do. I am happy that I could provide that platform for you and will do again. For now, I will continue managing and promoting the Mid while I take some time off to consider New Ventures to supply once again you with the platform. Thanks again and Love You.

You can’t replace a Rick Allay Soul.  His contribution to Chicago House is second to none.  He was the reason Grandbar came from the ashes. This venue was once the spot for House Music.  For years he brought pioneers, established and upcoming DJs/Producers to display their skills at  various venues in Chicago. He has put the Mid on the map and is responsible for House events at North Coast. Evil Olive will miss this humble promoter.

What now Evil Olive?  Crocodile will continue with their weekly House events on Mondays and Thursdays. What are your plans going forward?  Will you continue to support House or turn to Hip Hop/EDM/Top 40 parties for the big pay day.  We all know what happens when venues go that route. Read about Grandbar, Kaboom, Dolphin, and others who left House and went mainstream. For their sake, they should do the right thing and keep House music at their venue.  We shall see what the future holds for Evil Olive.


To Rick Allay Soul:  Thank you for your continued service to the Chicago House community.  We appreciate your hard work, creativity and dedication.  You are the reason why DJs/Producers from across the US and abroad can be seen at venues at Grandbar, Evil Olive, the Mid and Crocodile.  Everyone has a turning point where they need some time to rest, recoup and reload.  I can contest to that.  My advice is take your time. You made your mark in the scene so you deserve a break.  I will be looking forward to your next venture and wish you happy holidays.  With much respect!  This House Head Has Spoken!!